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With all of the privileges we have in Canada, education is still one of the most expensive purchases many of us have to make to pursue our goals.
Often, financing the cost of a post-secondary program serves as a major burden on students years after the completion of their studies.

Even with provincial loans, certain groups still find it very difficult to attain enough funding for education. Amongst these groups are foster children.

Canada alone has over 75,000 children in foster care, many of whom are victims of abuse, poverty and neglect.

As a foster parent to 15 children, Storwell Self Storage president Gregory D’Atri-Guiran believes that education should not just be a privilege to those who can afford it.
This is why Storwell began it’s $2000 bursary given away annually to foster children to aid them in the pursuit of their educational dreams.

The award is given to foster children demonstrating a financial need and who are active in their communities while excelling academically. Candidates can apply on our website at

Please help this great cause by encouraging suitable candidates to apply.

For further questions or to give a donation, contact:
Storwell Self Storage
300 Evans Avenue
Toronto Ontario M6C 6C8
(416) 259-5555,

Storwell Self Storage has been a Sponsor of the Earth Week Clean Up in Oakville every year since 1995; thank you, Gregory D’Atri-Guiran.


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