Quotable Quotes from Clean Up Coordinators

Quotable Quotes from Clean Up Coordinators

Earth Week Coordinators provided the following responses to the questions:

A. “I am involved in the Earth Week Clean Up as a coordinator because”:
B. “I have learned about my community while being a coordinator that”:

Carol Deeth, Clearview Oakville Community Alliance (Clearview Park)
A. I believe residents should take ownership of cleaning up their neighbourhood and keeping it clean.
A. We love our clean streets and parks.
B. When people are asked directly, they show up and WANT TO show up to help.

Councillor Tom Adams (Algrove Park)
A. Oakville is lucky to have so many committed Earth Week coordinators. These people are the residents and neighbours who make Oakville such a green community.
B. Residents are very proud of their community and love having a clean natural setting to enjoy.

Toaster and Sabrina Dementros, The Independents (Kinoak Arena, Brook Valley Park)
A. Make our town a better place to live one greenspace at a time.
B. Our community is grateful to us for their clean parks.

Colin John (Forest Glade Park)
A. I do not like to see litter when I go out for a walk.
B. People are very friendly.

Vanessa Dorrington, West River Residents Association (Hogs Back Park, Forster Park)
A. If we don’t care and look after our communities – who will?
B. Great family involvement.

Cathy Buchanan (Aldercrest Park)
A. We want to keep our neighbourhood pretty.
B. Everyone wants to help.

Peter Vandermyden (Bronte Road and QEW green spaces)
A. My location is the entrance to my neighbourhood and a mess here reflects on my neighbourhood.

Husnain Zakaria, Al Falah Islamic Centre (Lions Valley Park; Nottinghill Gate Park)
A. I believe in returning the favour to the environment and my community; I also believe it will never be enough.
B. The community responds to deserving causes.

Weidong Zhu, Glen Abbey Neighbour Association (Heritage Glen Park and trails)
A. Environmental protection is one of the key concerns of our association and we would like to contribute to its protection.

Dave Stefan (Munns Creek East)
A. I want to instill in my kids and their peer group that they need to also take care of the town they live in.
B. Once engaged, they are very willing to help.

Bob Ball, Oakville Provincial Liberal Association (Bronte Road and Wyecroft Road green spaces)
A. I want our community to be clean.
B. Being a coordinator is rewarding; you are part of the community, get to meet people and are acknowledged when you hear a car horn.

Gord Cochrane (Coronation Park)
A. We have a beautiful town and I like to assist in keeping Oakville that way.
B. We’ve had many members of the public thank our volunteers for their actions.

Carol Anderson and Keith Webster (Sandpiper Road at Pheasant Lane)
A. Good deeds are contagious.
B. People love the parks and walkways.

Gita Zoghi (Memorial Park)
A. The Earth is important for me and I am responsible for that.
B. How kids love to help in this job; they had lots of energy to help us and it was like a good nature experience.

Tracey Ehl (Woodhaven Park, Sedgewick Park)
A. It brings neighbours together to keep our neighbourhood clean and we have lots of fun in all sorts of weather conditions.
B. Most people do their best throughout the year to keep the neighbourhood very clean.

Antonio Fonseca (Fourth Line and Upper Middle Road)
A. It is a small but important way to give back to the community.
B. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and brings it together in a subtle way.

Karen Wilson Davis (West Oak Trails Park)
A. As a Guide Leader, part of our law is to “protect our common environment”.

Maggie Smylie, Deborah Bennet (Lakeshore Woods)
A. I love to see my community clean.
B. I’ve met some of the great folks who live in our neighbourhood and help with this event.

Susan Crane (Lakeside Park, Oakville Museum, Erchless Estates)
A. Our area is historic which is why we take pride in maintaining it. It is important to involve the community in this place of pride and coordinating this event gives people an opportunity to connect with museum in a different way. There’s nothing better than seeing those piles of garbage waiting to be picked up!
B. People are interested and concerned about the amount of trash created and do feel overwhelmed with how to help. You have to start small, look after your own backyard. It’s manageable and can see a direct result of your work.

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