Volunteers Opportunities

Oakville Community Centre for

Peace, Ecology and Human Rights (OCCPEHR),

P.O. Box 52007, Oakville, ON L6J 7N5

(905) 849-5501, info@oakvillepeacecentre.org


In the past few months, we have received many e-mails from people who want to help out.

New volunteers who want to make a big difference in our community are now being recruited.

We are looking to create some new campaigns and want you to tell us what is important to you when you think about peace, ecology and human rights. We also need new volunteers to help us to improve on our ongoing annual campaigns.

We are looking for students who want to complete at least 40 hours of volunteer service required for graduation from high school.


  1. Annual Earth Week Clean Up of 60+ Oakville nature sites on Saturday, April 27.
  2. Annual environmental fair with one scheduled for the summer and one in the fall.
  3. International Campaign for Abolition of Nuclear Weapons (ICAN-Oakville).
  4. An outdoor peace festival with music, speakers and information tables.
  5. Create a new campaign with us; together, let’s see what we can do!


The 28th annual Earth Week Clean Up will take place on Saturday, April 27 from 9 to 11 am at more than 60 locations throughout Oakville. Volunteers can:

  1. Let everyone know about the event! Coordinate the distribution of a flyer or printed event newspaper to households in your ward. Your 40 hour assignment is to recruit other students, family and friends to assist in the door-to-door delivery of the flyer beginning April 1st. Map out your ward street by street and coordinate who goes where to deliver the flyer. This is a fun assignment for someone who wants to develop their outreach and managerial skills and learn more about logistics and planning. You will also be responsible for helping others get their volunteer hours and will record their contributions for us. Mostly, you will be inspired to know that you are responsible for bringing an environmental message to the attention of people living in your part of Oakville.
  1. Coordinate a new clean up location on April 27. There are still several green spaces that have not been cleaned up in our annual event and you can do it.
  1. Assist in development of a social media presence; we want to create a new committee of volunteers who are tech savvy.

There are many, many more volunteer assignments available than just these, too!

Thank you very much.


Stephen Dankowich, executive director,
Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights


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