2023 Earth Day Clean Up

Oakville Community Centre for
Peace, Ecology and Human Rights (OCCPEHR),
P.O. Box 52007, Oakville, ON L6J 7N5
(905) 849-5501, info@oakvillepeacecentre.org


Put the date on your calendar!

Everyone in the community can pitch-in at the “32nd annual Earth Day Clean Up of Oakville Nature Sites” on Saturday, April 22, 2023 beginning 9AM at dozens of locations.

Every year since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd around the world by millions of concerned citizens who get involved in a wide variety of environmental activities that contribute to supporting life on this beautiful blue planet.

Our organization’s annual Earth Day event has succeeded thanks to the longstanding participation of Site Coordinators, Event Sponsors and the tens of thousands of volunteers who have pitched-in over the years since the event began in 1992.

We are contributing to the biodiversity of Oakville’s natural environment.

Last spring’s event was our most successful Clean Up ever. The high level of involvement illustrates the passion Oakville residents have for the town’s greenspaces including its parks, trails, ravines, woodlots, creeks and lakefront.

There was a record number of locations, a record number of volunteers and a record amount of garbage removed from Oakville’s environmentally important nature sites in 2022. More than 2,000 volunteers picked up 15,500 kgs of waste from 62 locations. Congratulations, Oakville!

We are counting on your continued support for the 2023 Earth Day Clean Up when hundreds of dedicated volunteers will again be pitching-in at more than sixty Oakville nature sites.


Our diverse base of financial supporters, site coordinators and volunteers encourage everyone in the community to appreciate that protection of the natural environment is everybody’s concern.

We would like to extend a special thanks to our Sponsors for keeping this community-wide event going for 32 years and to note that it would be wonderful to gain new sponsors and individual donors in 2023 to expand this campaign and support the development of new environmental initiatives.

The support we have received from local businesses, resident associations, the faith community, educators, politicians, local government and other not-for-profit organizations now and over the past three decades has been remarkable and greatly appreciated.

We look forward to hearing from new volunteers and contacting past participants in the new year to confirm everyone’s involvement in support of a “Clean, green, litter-free Oakville in 2023”.

Stephen Dankowich, co-Founder and Executive Director,
Oakville Community Centre for Peace, Ecology and Human Rights (OCCPEHR)

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